Friday, November 27, 2009

Ode to a Ford Taurus

Dear Ford Taurus,

My parents bought you from some sketchy Russians, and when my old car died, you were bequeathed to me. We had some good times, Ford Taurus. You broke down in Madison, Wisconsin. You broke down in Astoria, Oregon. You successfully towed a U-Haul trailer across the country, and your lack of fuel-efficient air conditioning almost killed my cat. Good times, good times.

But now your transmission is shot, and not even the weird people on Craigslist want you. I have to take you to a junkyard. I know it's an ignoble end for a car that has served so well, but maybe if you hadn't crapped out so unexpectedly, or left me stranded in this little New England town, I would be more moved by your plight.

I wanted to take you to Boston again, and up the coast to Maine. We could have driven to New York, and I know I promised you a trip to Detroit (the land of your birth), but now I'll be taking the trains and buses. Farewell Ford Taurus. I hope your parts make other car-owners happy.



Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Belated Halloween

Ha, I never post on here any more. So Ashley and I had a lovely Halloween. She went as Margot Tenenbaum (of The Royal Tenenbaums) and I went as a deer. Friday night was a party at Andrew and Keith's house and Saturday night we went to the Portsmouth parade, then watched Donnie Darko, always an excellent Halloween choice.

Ashley doing her best Margot expression.


At the parade, small children wanted their picture taken with me. "My daughter is really into bucks. All about bucks. She wants her picture taken with anything buck-related. Do you mind?" Of course not. Here are some other kick-ass costumes we saw.

Keith and Nate as Garth and Wayne.


Greenman and the deer dancing, Ashley poking her head out creepily.

Video game characters in the Portsmouth parade. The guy dressed up as Ness from Earthbound gets an A for obscurity.